Genuine Company V/S Fraud Company

K-Mention & Co.

  • We provide daily payout no matter how much work you done.
  • There is No Target on work. You do not have to worry about your work.
  • In this whatever ad you post , you can see result in Google as a search result.
  • We provide simply copy paste work. No typing is required. If any mistake is done then no cost will cut-off from your payment.
  • We provide training after you registered with our company
  • If any form is incomplete or being wrong then no minus from your payment
  • If you need any help just call us get solution & also by team viewer.
  • We provide maximum payout on per form or per ad that is Rs.10
  • Same payout in all situation : No conditions.


K-Mention Plan



Other Companies

  • No any company is available that provide daily payment.
  • If it provides daily payment then there is also target is available on work.
  • There is no profit of typing work. Its only waste of time.
  • If it provides copy paste work or typing work both then if there any mistake will done, then its cost is cut out from your payment.
  • It provides you typing work.
  • Training will not be  provided.
  • Doesn’t provide any help or support even on call.
  • Not even one company is available that provide Rs.10 on per ad.
  • If any company will give Rs.10 then they give you target like below :


Other company

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